Will sex robots replace human interaction – VIDEO

As I was scrolling down on my facebook home page, I came across this video about the factory where the world’s most realistic sex robots are being built.
It is an episode of Real Future, Fusion’s documentary series about technology and society.

Matt McMullen spent the past 20 years of his life working on a project that could seriously change our lives, as much as this whole kind of technology around us does. He is the founder of abyss creations and the maker of these silicon dolls that vary in shapes and colours, called RealDoll.
His now planning to give the chance to his costumers not only to create the looks of their lovers but also form their personalities by adding the latest artificial intelligence machines in them. Soon they will be able to talk with their owners, please them and entertain them like normal women do.

I remember when I was younger, I used to watch ”the Jetsons” on TV,  imagining how different life would be if robots were real.

I would always have food if I wanted to, it would clean my room, sort my closet… Life would be just so much easier!
But lets be honest back then no one believed that something like this would actually happen, right?
All the stories about robots, flying cars, watches that call people, self- cleaning or healing object etc. seemed way crazier and impossible than they actually are.

The only thing that scares me a little is, can we trust technology? 
I don’t know if some of you actually watched this cartoon episode but at some point the great robot turned into an evil psycho killer.

What if inviting robots in our house is the easiest way for THEM to spy on us, video record us or even threaten us?
Maybe our whole house could burn down because of it being a little irresponsible… Who knows?

In the other hand having a robot love partner, as sick as that sounds, could really affect human relationships. You wont need to go out to meet someone else, you wont have someone there for you to help you, you will not feel the warmth of someone’s body against yours – you could only touch her silicone parts. And what if she turns mean after you need somebody real??

Can humans actually fall in love with robots? Would this relationship go through the same problems, homosexual couples have been going through this whole time? Would it be considered ”normal”? Would it change the world? 
Leave a comment down below letting me know  what you think.  🙂


5 thoughts on “Will sex robots replace human interaction – VIDEO

  1. I think these are the same fears people had when computers and the internet started… there might be dangers, but I agree with what he said… unless people choose to make them everything, they’ll just be a robot… and cannot replace a human… they wouldn’t be jealous or mean unless they have emotions – that’s the question…

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    1. Thanks for commenting, yes thats the thing will he be able to make them emotional as the years go by? Will technology ever be so good to make them look so realistic that not even we can separate them from the real humans? I guess we can only wait to get an answer, right?

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  2. Sometimes I joke I need a clone at work to help me get everything done. Maybe he can make me a doll to do all the things I don’t want? Oh wow could you imagine because that statement could be just another layer to this Robotics pet thing.

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