One week internship in hairdressing – Day 5

I woke up like this!

12714472_1683902668516425_1550421876_n (2)

It really felt like last night was a little bit hard on me. I only had about 6 hours of sleep and I had to start running around the house trying to get ready.
With the magic of make up, I managed to fix my look.
12696204_1683902475183111_1613287969_n (2)

I had to be at work at 09.00 o’clock and thankfully my boyfriend woke up on time to drive me back. I  walked in knowing I am only going to be here for 5 hours.
I started cleaning up, trying to be be productive, I washed the hair of some costumers, I blow dried them… I even started talking about politics with an old man (who actually is the husband of the woman that I wanted to take a picture of yesterday- crazy???).

When I returned home, I looked in my pocket – 7,50 euros !!
The highlight  of the day actually was, a man. I had to wash his hair and as always I was afraid of doing anything wrong so I asked him 10000 times If everything was okay for him. He always said ”everything’s wonderful!”, 2 hours after he was gone he returned. ”I forgot to give you that” he said and walked towards me, I didn’t understood until I felt the coins in my hand.
This was definitely a reason to be happy, knowing there are still generous people out there, that think!

The nightmare is finally over – now let’s go back to reality.


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