One week internship in hairdressing – Day 4

You may not know what a great feeling it is knowing you are almost finished with work!
12714082_1683902731849752_365231529_n (2)12746442_1683902701849755_1674481016_n (2)I decided it’s about time to straighten my hair (I only do that like 3 times in a year).
So many people from my school came over to get a haircut today and they all looked at me as if I was an idiot. Who works on holidays without even getting paid?
I have to say it was kind of a relaxing day at work today. They didn’t want me to do anything, I only had to tidy up and look.

I realised working in a hair salon is more or less inspirational. You hear so many people talking about what-so-ever and you’re like ”damn why didn’t I bring my notebook here?”.
Or inspirational in other ways for example, there was an old woman sitting in front of the mirror, dying her hair and I stood right behind her, it would be such a great picture showing that, regardless of your age you can still be beautiful. Or just because of the magazine she was reading you could think that she actually takes example from the young models on the cover page. So many meanings only one picture.

The best part of it though was leaving, I walked out the door with a huge smile on my face knowing that I was going to meet my friends in a bar.
I didn’t really care about being late tomorrow, being tired or anything like that, I just knew I wasn’t going to stay at home!

Like I said before, we went in a bar where I met the guy that guided my class in Berlin. He could still remember me and many details about me. ”Your teachers talked to me about you” he said. ”You are a great student, you are coming from Greece and you are liberal-  and open minded, you should come meet me in Berlin the next time”.
A little bit creepy but also interesting fact that he knows so much about me because of my teachers, but I am not a great student? At least I wasn’t trying to be one.

5 more hours left!!!!



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