One week internship in hairdressing – day 3

At the moment I started reconsidering about actually doing this, reality pulled my hair out threateningly.
”You aren’t going to do this!” was what she said, ”4 years working like this, until you can have your own place is sick!”.

oh well, I kind of forgot to take a full body picture. Anyways my outfit today wasn’t anything marvelous, just this top and a pair of jeans.
Some applause please for my new hair styling technique, I managed to curl my bangs with a straightening iron!! It seems like this internship taught me something after all.

The first 4 hours at work today were pretty fast gone. I talked some more with the other girls, I helped tidying up, just the usual. The atmosphere was just a bit friendlier, meaning I talked with the boss about working and she basically said ”it’s going to get better, once you get used to it” – didn’t that sound more like ”Once I sign you up for the curse you will be working here with us – it will get better” kind of thing?

After all, I ”worked” two more hours than usual today. I used the quotation marks in the sentence because, I literally spent more than 2 hours silent in a corner dreaming of my dinner.  I couldn’t help myself. The pain in my back gets worse and worse every day – I am not even able to bend anymore and all that because of not being allowed to sit down! Well I suppose you are allowed to but it’s not nice when everybody is running around, even if you have really, nothing to do.
On my way home I called my mother and my boyfriend while crying, trying to let them know I am not coping with it.
Tomorrow is Friday – I don’t care, I am going out!!!

Only one and half days left. Woohooo!!!!


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