One week internship in hairdressing – Day 2

Boring, Boring, Boring.
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Today I woke up, feeling ready to do it. Well, I wasn’t.
My whole body is in pain because of yesterday, especially my legs and my back. The only thing I wanted was to lay in a bed and sleep – was I asking too much?
I was trying to concentrate, but for some weird reason my mind was wandering in a never ending forest.

”Nina, can you pass me the brush please?”, ”excuse me what did you just say?”, ”the brush, not this one, the big one, thanks”. Let me count…. this happened way too many times.
Generally today, I felt like a ghost staring at the costumers. I was trying to make it look as if I was really into learning the new hair cutting techniques, but my yawning made it a bit difficult.
The only thing I did well was, cleaning up.

As I was looking at another black haired woman that was getting a cut, I was thinking…
This isn’t a career I can really see myself doing forever. I want to chase my dream.
I want to become an actress, that was my plan anyways. So why become a hairdresser?
I know I should to do something different.
”So how is life going after all?” asked the co-worker,
”Oh, great! We are having a premiere this weekend!!” Wait, what did she just say? A premiere? What kind of premiere? But I was too afraid to ask, I didn’t want to seem like a curious stalker. I couldn’t stop myself though, if there was something to do for myself in this very moment, was to start a conversation!
After telling her about my dream becoming an actress, she said,
”You should come see us, maybe we could get to talk after the play – that would be nice!”
Cool, one thing I knew for sure – I WILL BE THERE!

Three more days left. 24+ hours of work. One more achievement in my resume, a new experience!


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