One week internship in hairdressing – Day 1


Shower, clothing, Make up, GO!

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Tired as I was, I started walking to the hair salon I am supposed to be working at for the next week.
I was so anxious, because I haven’t been working with someone else’s hair other than my close friends’ and I definitely had no professional techniques.

At first, I started helping the co-workers cleaning up, organising and preparing the tools we were going to work with when the costumers arrive. They shown me where everything belongs, how to make coffee and told me a few tips I would need for later.

In the start, I was just looking- I mean I was unsure of doing anything.
My boss then called my name, I looked at her scared and asked ”could I do anything to help?” her answer was ”do you know how to straighten hair with a blow drier and a brush?”. Ummm NO! I haven’t been using a hair drier in the past 2 years so I definitely didn’t know how to use it properly. They shown me how to do it and I have to say it’s pretty difficult! I am just afraid of pulling too hard and my heart breaks thinking about how damaging heat can be.

After my lunch break, I returned feeling better about myself and way more comfortable.
I braided the hair of a little girl, I cleaned a little bit more… And then the next thing came up, ”Nina can you wash the hair of this lady?”. Sure, I never thought washing the hair of somebody else could be so challenging. I grabbed the shower head and gave it a try. The woman started laughing and then I realised, her whole face was full with water!
I was so embarrassed and sorry for not being able to do it right! The good thing is every body understood my situation, first day working with real people’s hair- of course isn’t the easiest thing.
Before the lady left the hair salon, she came to me and gave me something ”That’s for the hair wash”, I looked at my hand and saw money, ”thank you very much!”.
She wasn’t though the last person that left me something before leaving, another lady thought I was cool because I started talking with her. Cling cling more money in my pocket.

So many people, so many stories. I even played scissors, stone, paper today.
Hopefully tomorrow is going to be a better day for me.

PS. when I returned home I insisted on straightening my mothers hair – Practice is the key to success!


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