Sweet innocence.

”Can we play in the garden?” said the little boy, I am taking care of in the weekends.
The weather has been great the past few weeks, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and flowers of all kinds start blooming, making the scenery even prettier. Without wasting time, I opened the door and said ”come!”.
I don’t think there is anything better than big smiles on innocent faces. He started running towards me and before I realise it, we both fell on the ground. What a great sound is laughter…
”My dad says, mum can see me from up there” he said and kept looking at the sky.
I didn’t know what to say, I was aware his mother had been really ill for a couple of years, but he never mentioned her before. I looked at him and tried to remember a joke to cheer him up.
”But I don’t think so…” he continued.
”You don’t?”
”Why not?”
”Because when she was still here, I could hear her looking at me”
”You really could?”
”Yes, she was making sounds as if she was crying and she would always say come give mommy a big hug

People say, kids are too young to understand or too naive. I disagree, I always have.
Kids are small people with a different perspective.
”Are you still living with your mum?”
”Not anymore, now I can afford my own place, but I try to see her as often as possible.”
”You are lucky”
”And so are you, your daddy has always been by your side and this is never going to change”
”Yes, what about your dad?”
”He left me and my mother when I was about your age. We lived in the same block but I barely saw him, until I moved to Germany with my mother.”
”Do you miss him?”
”I wouldn’t say so, I grew up without him. He should be the own missing me, but it was his decision.”
”Your dad is silly.”
”I wouldn’t call him silly, he is just irresponsible and an egoist.”
”What does this mean?”
”It means, he is not capable of taking care of himself or the rest of us, because he only cares about himself, it really has to do with priorities.”
”Oh, what are your priorities?”
”My priorities are to keep balance in life and make other people happy. That’s why I love spending time with you, Chris!”
”Do you want to play football?” I stood up fast, looked at him and said,
”What are you waiting for?”


2 thoughts on “Sweet innocence.

  1. My sister said this to be once – “He’s a child. (but) He’s not stupid.” 😀

    Thank you for sharing this with us, it’s beautiful 🙂 You seem to be one of the people defining his life right now…

    Liked by 1 person

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