Thank you, HATERS!

Last night I realised, people can be mean. Like REALLY mean. Well I don’t understand the reason why.
You walk down the street and you hear people talking about how bad your hairstyle looks, did you notice my great butt? No? Well that explains the negative comments. (BOOOM!!!)
There are so many people out there, that aren’t going to tell you if you have something in between your teeth, they will just stare at it for hours, just to make sure it’s not going to leave on its own…and then? Then what?
Does it make you feel better about yourselves when you find flaws in others?
Is it a good feeling, bringing someone down in public, making the rest of the world ”aware”?

My grandmother once told me ”If you haven’t treated your haters bad in some way, it means they are just jealous of you”,
Of course, but why would they be jealous of me anyways?
I am another common girl, crossing the street. I am not a model, I am not rich, I am not famous or extremely happy because of my super duper, luxurious life.

In that case though, I will listen to my Grandmother. I am pretty sure I have never been mean to anybody, I’ve been just standing up for my rights or other people’s mentality.
If you think there is a reason to hate me, I would blame it to your low self esteem and toxicity.
So THANK YOU bullies in elementary and high school, I am way cooler now.
And THANK YOU ”…” for calling me a cunt in my about page.
I appreciate it!


I am even planning on posting more often, so that you have enough  comment boxes to insult me. Have a great day!

Nina xoxo


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