When was the last time someone asked you how you are? When was the last time somebody actually asked because he cares and not just because he doesnt want to seem rude after hearing about your big emotional breakdown?

So how are you?
Are you happy, are you worried, are you desparate, are you sad?
Are you eating, are you smiling, are you drinking, taking drugs?
How’s your father, how’s your brother, found a job yet, finished school?

Come on show her how you love her and she’ll do the same for you.

I’ve been happy, I’ve been desparate, I’ve been worried, I’ve been sad, I’ve been lonely, I’ve been lying after all that’s said and done.
Can’t find love here, seems so empty, people using people for a penny.
All you need is what is what is pending, no more crying, no more praying.
And you’re still here, after leaving, same old places, same old faces.
Being stupid, being reckless, you cold hearted? All new phases.

How are you?


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