Mandala Painting DIY

Hello, Hello.
I’ve been in a dark place lately. Called ”Orange is the new black obsession”.
I’ve been trying to stay strong and keep being productive. In the start it was pretty hard, but now I can finally say I am getting out of bed multiple times a day to create things.
Some days ago I decided I needed to redecorate my room, so I spent two days cleaning up and reorganized my stuff, but there was still something missing….
I looked around and I realised I had a piece of cardboard, that would make a great canvas.

So I took it and thought, ”hey that would make a great picture frame, but this shape is way too boring”.

So I got a pair of scissors and started cutting carefully a circle.
The original plan was to paint it all white, because the pictures would add some colour later on.
But then… as I flipped it over, I realised I had already been working on this and never finished it. (Yes, I am a lazy bum sometimes- I have to be honest.)

The quality of the pictures isn’t that great and I am sorry for this, but It was late and the only light I could work with was the main lamp on the ceiling. (My bad.)

I put some thought on it  and I decided that it actually wasn’t a bad idea to continue painting it. And that’s exactly what I’d been doing for the next 2 hours.

I grabbed my colours, I sat down on the floor and turned the volume up.
It was a bit challenging because of the details. (I explained in the post about the lotus painting that I like improvising, especially when it comes to art.) And that’s why the final painting looks a bit different in comparison to the original one.
12632928_1678053852434640_1188956974_oAnother thing is, this painting remained a painting. I know the plan was to make a picture frame, but hey! That’s a way to stay inspired isn’t it?

I hope you got inspired, if you liked it let me know in the comments down bellow.
See you soon xoxo


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