You’ve got to lose something, to appreciate it.

They say people are very ungrateful.

”You’ve got to lose something, to appreciate it”.

In my situation I almost lost him but gained him back. It still was a big shock but I am glad everything is fine.
You are never pleased enough with all you have, less money, lazy boyfriend, shitty boss?
Look at your life from another perspective, leave your fucking self out of it for a moment and think.
Less money in your bank account but hey, at least you got enough to buy some nutela every week.
Lazy boyfriend, that’s definitely a problem in a relationship but who else listens to your paranoia everyday even when they don’t owe you, that’s right people in your life have the right to walk away from you. So be happy they haven’t done it yet instead of complaining when they’re around.
Shitty boss? At least you have a job, some people don’t.

Usually in girl’s talk a lot of questioning plays the main role.
”Is he good enough for me?”, ”Are you kidding?”, ”Is his dick big”, ”Do you think you will stay long together?”, ”Why the hell does he say he loves me?”.
I understand the whole point in these conversations is to help each other see the ”truth” and they’re actually lots of fun, a reality check how I like to call it, but you are ruining it.
Questioning is ruining everything. Trying to find the flaws in others is the one and only reason why no one ever stays with you.

When you become that kind of girl, ”don’t do this, I don’t want that, you are an asshole”, that’s when this whole thing transforms. That’s when love, lust, excitement or whatever you think it is starts slowly fading away.
Of course you need to let the other person know, when something doesn’t feel right, but don’t you let the ”cons” step over the ”pros” until there’s nothing else left there.
You better sort your self out, find your flows and embrace them. Only then you can love and be loved.
I’ve learned  my lesson this time. I better start showing my love to the people around me, before I see them walking away. Maybe I should start saying sorry, calm me down, accept the truth and have fun.

I was lucky this time, but if I keep being this selfish bitch my past turned me into, a lot of things will have a bad ending.




10 thoughts on “You’ve got to lose something, to appreciate it.

      1. Well I must say he’s foolish because you’re flawless. I mean it in no way as disrespectful, but you’re an amazing woman. You can tell a lot about someone from their writing. With me you know I’m constantly confused lol. With you, you have a big heart. It’s beautiful

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      2. Thank you very much ❀ But I am not flawless, I am a human being haha that's impossible. I try to understand people around me and want to make everything right but sometimes you have to listen to your heart and run away from all this stress. πŸ™‚


      3. The idea of flawless is to look pass the flaws. To see and emphasize the good things that make you smile. Of course you may have thing that may be annoying to others, even to yourself, but the idea is to fall in love with those flaws, become blind to them, and no longer see them in a negative light. Like right now. Right now, you’re flawless

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      4. I believe we need more people like you out there Jody! You cheered me up, thank you very much you have a great way of thinking if you’d like feel free to send me an e-mail πŸ™‚


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