Pancakes {RECIPE}

We all know these times, when out of nowhere we are craving something, but its too late to go to the grocery store.
Today evening I HAD to make pancakes!!!
I opened the fridge and said to myself – ”lets do this girl!”.


You will need:

230g Flour
2 heaped Teaspoons Baking Powder
280ml Milk
6 Large Eggs
2 pinches Salt


Separate the whites from the egg yolk and place them in two separate bowls. Whisk egg whites with a little bit of salt until it has formed stiff peaks.

In the other bowl, add the flower to the egg yolks followed by baking soda and the milk.
Beat it (cause no one wants to be defeated!!) 

And then add the white egg mixture into this bowl. Mix it once more without making the air disappear. 

Finally, place some of the mixture with a spoon in a non-stick frying pan – in medium heat. Once you notice little bubbles popping up the surface, turn it around to cook the other side as well.

Now you can decorate them with toppings, marmalades, honey, Nutella or even Lemons! GET A LITTLE CREATIVE! They’re going to taste good no matter what.

To be honest with you I never do measuring of the ingredients, but that the original recipe in case you do. Being Free spirited sometimes means, experiment.





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