The point is the journey, not the destination.

Just like every time, a ride in a car means “thinking time”.The thoughts this time were about- well guess “love”.

The song how i “wish you were here” came on the radio and the whole thing began.

I never said “i love you too”, as he says “the stress in the relationship is all you need to end it before its too late”, but i could never say i love you, not so soon, not again.

But then i started thinking of the possibility to not be. Not be together, not be in a relationship, not be.

And as the song said “we’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl year after year running over the same old ground what have you found the same old fears blah blah” then i realised its not that i dont have feelings for him, but my head doesnt let me live it. Its the reason why everything drives me crazy and the reason why I am the problematic one. He is not perfect but who is? I definitely arent. And i am never gonna be. I kinda lost the point here but I am the one that doesnt live it in order to not get hurt, i am the one that looks for the perfect in the inperfect. I am the one that finds the little things important and the one that decided that deserves to be treated better.

“You’ve reached your destination”


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