Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the monster- Aggression

We all have something, small or big that turns everything we touch into ashes. Most of us manage to control its power, throw it to the wolves or swallow it but some others don’t.

With time I have learned to keep this monster inside of me calm, it’s part of my acting skills. But some other times when the part of its tail, which is full with poison, fails to hide and everyone starts saying “relax”, “why the hell are you being so aggressive?”- well then I get disappointed of myself and really emotional.

So emotional that the monster breaks the wooden doors, which I have made back on the days that I was full of motivation, and destroys everything as if it’s part of its show.

This evil is the reason why my relationships, friendships, scholarships and in general everything with -ships, come to an end.

Everytime I scream to the victims, “run for your life!!”, (in other words: just pretend you understand my delirium and love me), but none of them understands they all keep feeding the beast pieces of my mentality. And then the show is over.

Thank you for visiting, Aggression* will  be glad to see you the next time. 
*Aggression: aggressiveness (word game-the name of the monster)


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