Beautiful Hair Secrets.

I know how most of girls or even boys want long beautiful hair, I’ve been there myself trying to find tips and trick on how to achieve this look all over the internet. I don’t want to keep you even one more minute away from all of this information so I am going to write it in a form of a list.

  1. Don’t wash your hair that often. You could wash your hair every 7 days (That’s the healthiest for your hair) because the natural oils on your scalp and hair even, though you think they are disgusting are the key to beautiful hair.
    Personally I can even go a week without washing – and without dry shampoo.
  2. Hot oil massages
    Oils work as great moisturizers/masks and conditioners for the hair.
    It can smooth the cuticle, soften dry, rough hair, and help to seal in moisture. It can help minimize the look of split ends and help to tame frizz. They also promote hair growth.
    My favourite oils are:
    -Coconut oil
    -Avocado oil
    -Castor oil
    -Olive oil
    -Almond oil
  3. Never brush your hair when they are wet!
    Don’t rub it vigorously with a towel, gently squeeze the towel down the length.
    Wet hair can break easier making your hair looking damaged in the long term.
    I would suggest drying your hair with a dry cotton t-shirt. It’s a great way to combat freeze and it actually is less harmful.
    large (1).jpg
  4. Let them air-dry and avoid heat.
    You can’t imagine what a bad habit it is to be using all of this heat to your hair. Hair straighteners/curlers, blow dryers etc. are supposed to make your hair fabulous but later you will have to say buh-bye if you want to see them healthy again.
  5. Eat healthier and drink lots of water.
    Everything begins within our body. If we are dehydrated and eat only junk food how do we expect our hair to look any better?
    Here are a few foods that promote hair growth/health:
    -green leafy vegetables
    -Dairy products
  6. Stay away from harsh chemical topical products that can damage hair.
    Look for gentle, natural cleansers and conditioners, especially if you wash your hair more than three times a week.
    Great ideas are to make your own shampoo, start no-poo method or skip shampoo forever. WHAAAT?21f502da68559465cd991e5004a2e43c
  7. When washing your hair don’t scrub heavily.
    The best way of washing your hair is back and forth motions.
    Massaging your scalp in circular motions can create knots or frizz.
  8. Don’t use bad quality rubber bands.
    It may create tangles and hairs can also break easier.
  9. Trim often.
    Some may say ”what’s the point on trying to grow your hair out, if you keep cutting it?” well a good answer would be ”what’s the point on growing your hair if the split ends keep expanding all along the hair?”
  10. Never wear a hairstyle that puts undue stress on your roots.
    If you wear a braid or a ponytail make sure it’s not too tight.9c6a21fe8318c848f568fc447d758940.jpg
  11. Sleeping on silk pillowcases.
    It prevents breakage, split ends and frizz.
  12. Vitamins.
    At the moment I am trying out some capsules a friend of mine suggested called: SKIN, NAILS & HAIR by SOLGAR 
    I had a big hair loss problem- and I think that the vitamins helped a lot in the first few weeks. I don’t know if that is a placebo effect or if it actually works wonders, but you could always give it a try.
  13. Add some oil at the ends of your hair.
    This will reduce split ends and keep your ends healthier looking and hydrated.
  14. Use a wide tooth comb to gently comb out your hair when it is damp.
    Using a wide tooth comb to gently (that is the key here) comb your hair out won’t hurt anything. A wide tooth comb you will help to detangle your hair while keeping the curls intact.
  15. Finish your shower with a cool rinse.
    Rinse with cool water to help seal the cuticle and strengthen your hair before styling it.1535456-980x.jpg
  16. Start brushing your hair from the ends towards the scalp.
    This way it will be easier to get rid of the knots and it will reduce breakage and split ends.I hope you found this post helpful, let me know in the comments down bellow 🙂

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