Healthy diet! (and Chia seeds)

After a week full of junk food and alcohol, I decided it’s time to make some changes in my diet.
Being a vegetarian may sound a bit tricky for some of you, but personally I can´t keep my hands away from any fruit, vegetable or in general organic products.

I returned home unable to wait one more minute before I start tasting all of what I bought.
I am going to post a list of what I bought down below  in order to give some inspiration to all of you that want to start a healthy diet.
– Chia seeds 
– Whole grain bread
-Brown sugar
-Greek Yogurt 
-and different kinds of pasta (yes, I am another spaghetti lover)

I made a bit of a research about chia seeds and thats what I found:
Chia comes from the Mayan word for “strength”.
These seeds are bursting with nutrients, fiber & very few calories.

Two tablespoons of Chia seeds contain:

  • Fiber             11 grams
  • Protein           4 grams
  • Fat                    9 grams ( 5 of which are Omega 3/6 )
  • Calcium         18% recommended daily allowance ( rda )
  • manganese    30% rda
  • magnesium   30% rda
  • Phosphorus   27% rda
  • Zinc, Vitamins B1, B2, B3, Niacin & Potassium
  • Calories          137cb4bf03bd3869b0e891fa177ae0e40d2.jpg

    And lastly some surprising beauty benefits of chia seeds are:
    -They can help you lose weight
    -They reduce stress
    -Makes your skin glow
    -They have more calcium than milk which means strong bones and teeth
    -They can banish bloat

    According to all of this information Chia seeds appear to be the best vitamin supply, so why not give it a try?


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