How can someone be unhappy in Berlin?

”Berlin, du bist so wunderbar” (-Translation: Berlin you are so wonderful, song by ‘kaiserbase’)

Yesterday was one of the usual I’m-ill days so I decided to go through some of the pictures I have on my laptop in folders such as ”look up later’, and there I found pictures of my great love – Berlin.
I watched an episode of ‘sex and the city’ at some point and Carrie Bradshaw said ”the city is my date” and that’s exactly the way Berlin makes many people feel.
In Berlin everything is possible, you are possible and everything you’d like to do is possible as well.
Now let me tell you a few things about our trip last summer.DSCF3236 (2).JPG

It was supposed to be a school trip for 5 days but we didn’t really have to do anything with our teachers or class after 6 o’clock – maybe that’s the reason why this holiday rocked.
Our hotel  was in Schönhauser Allee, in my opinion one of the prettiest neighborhoods in Berlin.

Schönhauser Allee
cool guy on a bicycle.


Once we got in the hotel our teachers told us the ”rules”
-No smoking,
-No alcohol,
-No drugs,
-No sex
-No sneaking out of the hotel
-Boys and girls don’t sleep together in one room.
The first thing we did was to find 2 strangers over 18 and ask to buy us cigarettes, then we made our way to a supermarket and bought some beer, to celebrate the fact we are still alive. (that was a lie, we just wanted to break the rules.)
Later we went to a Chinese restaurant and ordered something that I am never going to eat again in my life.  DSCF3262DSCF3263After that, we  joined(t) a group of people in a park, the one actually looked like Stifler from American Pie.
And before the day came to an end we visited some lets-not-call-them-friends from our class (Samuel and Vincent), 5 broken rules out of 6 in one day?!?!?!

Now my problem is my memory, I can’t even remember what I did last week so I am having a hard time to remember what I did in July, I suppose that’s not a problem though. I will just add some pictures.

Best photobooth ever!!
Reichstag Glass Dome
The Brandenburg gate


We also visited Madame Tussaud’s museum

The beatles


In another park on a completely random day we met the same people we first met on Monday – Is that a coincidence I don’t think so!

Me and celine with Laurent, Stephen Alexander, Miltos and his girlfriend who’s name I can no longer remember.


At some point we went in a show with really cool dancers called: Dummy Lab.
A show so spectacular that made you feel as if you were on drugs.

The theater – CHAMELEON was on the ‘rosenthaler’ street that looked pretty much like this:

And on the last day we broke the rest of the rules, we smoked on the fire escaping stairs attached with our window, we smoked in the room toilet, we drunk beer in the hotel, my nose started bleeding at some point and we had no toilet paper so we used a tampon:12348609_1664601563779869_2037932511_n

and then we broke the  last rule, we sneaked out.
We went in a hookah bar and drunk so many cocktails that I still wonder how we managed to come back home.11720034_1622473971325962_2105053336_n12348387_1664601547113204_963039094_n

The point was to try every cocktail with a cool name out, but I really don’t know which once was the best.
That night we walked around in Berlin at 4.00 am and peed behind a car on the main road, that’s also where Lari broke her ankle – we still don’t know how that happened!
The day after we had to visit some more museums but we all had a hangover, I think our teachers knew it all because of our new zombie-like style.

Have you ever visited Berlin?
Share with us some of your memories 🙂


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