Love, ice-cream and other things like that.

Relationships are like ice-creams, once you stop licking them they start sticking on your fingers.
They’ll keep melting and melting, they’ll stain all of your clothes and when you realise you’ve had enough, it’s already too late since you haven’t enjoyed the flavor.

And you always buy another ice-cream but keep making the same mistake, you let every next ice-cream melt just because your work, your social life, your addiction or your past is way more important to you.

Sometimes you  may also find it hard to choose which flavor you prefer the most, banana or strawberry? And there will be confusion and intensity and you will wish to be able to taste both at the same time.
Maybe it will work out, maybe you’ll manage to make both people happy for example your boyfriend and your friend, because the taste is magical or maybe not because who likes nutela and cinnamon in one cone?

Either way you should just keep licking, as if its going to be the last time you will ever be able to eat an ice-cream  again.
And you shouldn’t change who you are, because if these people like you, they will be happy enough you chose them and they will wait patiently for you to make some time for them.


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