Do we work to live, or do we live to work?

”Do we work to live or do we live to work?”

This question is pretty much like the question our teachers in elementary school once asked us,
”Did the chicken make the egg, or did the egg make the chicken?”
Everyone back then gave another answer to that, so as it seems not many things have changed.
In an interview we did last week some of the people that offered to help us said,

”We work to be able to live, we work to have enough money to go on holidays to Thailand this summer.”
Some family oriented people said,
”I work so that I can give everything to my children.
Do you know the new iPhone 6 plus that came out recently? Well I bought it for my daughter – and she is loving it!”

Some in the other hand, weren’t as please with the question,
”Live? Is living still a thing nowadays?
Since I finished school my one and only hobby is working, working, working. What are you talking about?” and a guy named Patrick really gave us an answer that seems to mean a lot to our society these days.
”I have a wife, and a son that is 5 years old, but I only see him on Sundays and that only when he isn’t by his friend.
Every night I finish work at around 22.30 and he is already asleep so my wife’s job is to tell me everything that I missed since I’ve been working so hard.
She always reminds me what a great father I am for trying to provide everything they could possibly need to my family , but who needs so much when we can’t even spend some time with each other?”

After listening to all of what these people shared with us, we realized that the message was unclear for the young people that actually have to plan their future life from such a young age.
What should a person do for a living so that his work will not affect his private life?
And what if he is never going to afford so much from his work, to make his family happy?

Young people actually start thinking about jobs, since they are 5 years old.
Some of them are actually quite unrealistic, but it still doesn’t change the fact that even kids have the urge to plan their future lives based on their income or work orientation.
”I want to be an astronaut…”
”And I want to become a princess”

As the years are passing by, most of us have probably realized that this whole subject is getting way too serious.
”Everybody tells me to turn my talent into a job- but what am I supposed to do if this doesn’t work out as I want it to? And if I do something else, will I be as happy with my decision?”
Even in school, our future lives is the only thing we talk about.
We also have some weeks in Germany (Profil wochen) that are programmed to talk about money, future, bank accounts, studies and job opportunities. But is this kind of ”education” helping teenagers to find their way?
I would say that only 10% of the students in my school find these lectures helpful.
We asked a girl about her opinion and she said,
”Last year, we visited a job agency that would supposedly help us plan our future. I was quite disappointed of the results as the staff only told us to go on the web-site they have and look for information of the jobs we are interested in. But how are the people, that have no idea what the best job for them is, supposed to get help?”
I think the point she wanted to make was clear, as many people of a young age are unsure about their dream jobs. There are creative people out there that actually aren’t interested in Mathematics and Chemistry but would still choose a job based on these subjects, just because the ideal jobs wouldn’t make their parents, or pockets happy.

Talking about parents, many of us have probably heard the sentence,
”I hope you actually reach something in your life, because from the way you see the world I don’t think so… I want to be able to be proud of my daughter!”
Of course when they talk to us like that, they don’t mean to sound like the bad ones. It may seem like they don’t support us, and maybe they don’t, but at the same time they want to show the right way for us from their point of view.
They are basically showing their fears through what they are saying.
”I want that my daughter doesn’t make the same mistakes, I’ve done.
I want that she has so much money every month that wouldn’t need to be  dependent from me or any man!”
I guess it actually has a good point, but would you waste 3 years of your life, studying something you hate and keep doing it for the next 40+ years?
How would you change the fact of being incomplete when you reach the age of 50?
What would you think of yourself when every morning the first thought would be ”oh, not again…”?
How do you think your costumers, patients or students would feel when they knew, your smile and friendliness is fake and that you would prefer to be somewhere in the corner crying instead of being there with them?
And then? What would you say to your kind when he would be as old as you are right now?
”Follow your dreams!” or ”Make as much money as possible until you have no time left to spend them…’’?

Don’t panic, there is still the plan B, the plan that nobody would really recommend because it’s too ”unrealistic”.
Instead of working for so many hours waiting for you pay check at the end of the month to be $$$$$$, you could as well work that much so that you have enough money to live a normal life.
Wouldn’t you be happy then to know you are living?
Wouldn’t it be liberating to know you can spend the rest of your day, doing things that could make you happy?
You would have time for yourself, for your love, for your kids, for your cocktails and enough money for a cheap vacation somewhere.

If this post was a piece of a sci-fiction masterpiece wouldn’t it sound like the system actually wants us to be unhappy and easy to be controlled?
Need for money – work more,
More work – no time,
No time – more worries… and this will never come to an end, it will keep repeating itself over and over again.

If you look closely to the people around you, you will realize that regardless of their working hours, they never have enough money!
They always keep complaining about how much they hate their jobs, so the question now comes to you…
Do you want to have enough money to live, enough time to spend with your family and friends but not being able to buy every single useless thing you see on TV or do you want to be ”rich”, with no time at all, turning your life into an exhausting routine, living in the ”perfect” house but still not feel like it’s enough?
I suppose it has to do with what kind of qualities you look for in your life:
Love, family, money, vacation, experiences, houses or income?
Think before you act.

Please leave a comment down below to let us know about your opinion on this subject or about your future plans 🙂


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