In this red, red world.

In a red, red world.
And all monsters around.
How can you hope you will be found?

When you’re colourful,
and your heart is blue,
you will always find a way for you.

And this way is long,
but so interesting,
You will always know it was the best place to live.

But why are you sure,
that you will survive.
Cant you see they all want to fight?

If they want to fight,
I will fight them back,
But not with guns or anything like that.

But then you’ll be killed,
don’t you want to live?
Don’t you want to show them, you can win?

The point in winning isn’t that.
It’s not who cheats or
tears apart.

The winner knows,
he has that name,
because his thoughts were all he meant.

-Improvised morning text-



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