1. See the beauty around you.
    A great way to do this is by trying out the ”Gratitude challenge”.
  2. Help others.
    Have you ever helped an old woman on the street or picked up the mess someone did by mistake in a supermarket?
    The ”thank you” at the end is what will change your whole day!
  3. Do sport.
    You don’t have to explain…. I understand. I am 0% sporty but maybe that’s the problem.
  4. Drink lots of water!
    Drink, Drink, Drink!!
  5. Get over your fears.
    I’ve heard that getting over your fears is made easier when you try everyday something new out.
    For example: If you are afraid of being outside on your own- like I am. It would be a great idea to walk to school alone instead of meeting your friend first. Or you could go buy some chocolate on your own… and without even realising, it you will end up traveling on your own, having a great time!
  6. Be close with your family and friends!
  7. Read books!!
    Books are a great way to escape from reality and fill your mind with colours. When you think you’re going crazy, have a break from the present with a great book!
  8. Do things you are good at…
    Are you good at dancing? Do it!
    Are you the best at taking pictures? Post them!
    Do you enjoy cooking? Well what are you waiting for?
  9. Believe in yourself- There isn’t anyone like you out there!
    Whenever you feel like you are going to fail, remember that either way it’s a great experience and that you should try your best.
  10. Let your heart be your compass.
    ”Listen to your heart”.

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