My birthday – 03/12/2015

”Happy birthday to  me, happy birthday dear Ninaaaaa!!”

I woke up today morning because of my phone’s vibration, I had around 10 notifications from people wishing  happy birthday in almost every social media.
From the one side I was glad that these people made the effort to type a few words and post it on my timeline, but why did they only remember my existence on my birthday?
A friend of mine told me today ”That’s the reason I hate birthdays and new years eve, everyone suddenly loves you again”.
Anyways, after I showered I got my first visitor, it was Jochen a really good friend of mine. An hour after that, was present time!!!
My best friends came over with a big homemade cake that looked like this:

They love me so much that they drew a ”Happy birthday slut” and a penis design on it. Girls you know how much I appreciate your wish, don’t you?
We obviously ate some of it, (I mean that’s the main reason why they made a cake probably, so that they can eat it!) and ran to catch up the train to Nürtingen.
We were going to spend the day in the bigger city today, in order to stay away from the people we left behind and to meet some new ones – which didn’t happen.

Our first stop was a café, I think it’s obvious that we all are coffee lovers!
We sat down and after a while the gossiping session began…
We all hate gossiping but still can’t keep secrets from one another. (Meaning we can’t hide things that happened in our lives – of course we keep secrets !).

After that, we did our usual shopping therapy.
Finally we decided to get some Chinese to-go and sit in the park to stare at the people that walk by.
What a great thing it is, to look at all of them. You cant imagine how easy it is to see their emotions from the way they act, look or talk!

Before we take the train back, we thought it would be a good idea to go to a book store and find life-changing books to read.
I have to admit, I wanted to buy each one of them!
But like my mother used to say ”No money, no honey” haha!

A way to end my Post would be by saying ”THANK YOU” to Celine and Lari for spending so much time to make my present and for being there for me in the good and bad times! Love you girls!! ❤


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