It´s been already a year since then.
Turning seventeen means nothing but so much.
The way you look at yourself in the mirror has changed,
the way you think now has nothing to do with the way you thought before.
You look older, you´re getting older.
You now have 365 days left and BOOM you´re eighteen.
365 days before your childhood disappears for ever.
You´ve gotta start paying bills, find a job and get a house.
Now, you´ll only be able to spend this year studying and trying to ”fix” yourself in order to fit in what we call ‘adulthood’.
I’m not ready for this.
But I’m afraid I’ve got no other choice but following the rules.
They may as well be one of the few rules I follow on a daily basis.
Cause ”One has to work with time, not against it”.
But do you think time really changes a person, or is it just a number that defines the amount of wrinkles on your face?



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