Avocado tree – UPDATE!

As some of you may know, I added recently some soil in the growing process of my avocado trees.

It’s been a couple of days after and i can clearly see a big change!

I couldnt believe my eyes today morning.

It reminded me a lot of my mango tree that changed form and sizes everyday in the first few weeks.

I am really excited to see how it looks like, as I’ve never seen any avocado trees before!

Have you already started growing some of your own? 


12 thoughts on “Avocado tree – UPDATE!

      1. If you keep the roots limited (And trim them annually) they should stay as dwarf stock.
        Not sure how difficult it will be to keep them fed indoors though… you may need a lot of feeding!

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      2. ‘Try everything once’ Was a great piece of advice I was given when I was younger. If nothing else you can chalk failiures up as ‘Don’t do that again’ B-)


      3. I had a t-shirt when i was younger that said “I’ll try everything twice” because according to researches you have to try something more than once to know for sure if you like it or not ๐Ÿ™‚

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      4. Haha yes I am pretty much the same. I try EVERYTHING and i will definitely try it more than once haha
        “I make the same mistake over and over again, just to make sure i learned”


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