How to grow your own avocado tree.


I am apparently an ”avocado chick” as some friends of mine called me.
I love avocados, so I thought why not give it a try and grow some avocado trees instead of buying the whole time from the grocery store.

I made some research about it and here is the perfect guide for how to do it.

I tried this method with 6 seeds, 4 of them have been doing great, they grew roots, and they also started to grow. I had to get rid of the other two that needed way too much time, because I don’t have enough space for all of them to grow in my apartment.

Today I thought, wouldn’t it be better if I added some soil?
The roots were quite long so I supposed it needed something to boost up the growth.

Here is how it looks like now:


Hopefully I’ve done the right thing.
I am going to keep you up to dste in case something changes!

Here is another great video on how to do it yourself.

I would love to see your own trees in the future 🙂
Have fun!!


14 thoughts on “How to grow your own avocado tree.

      1. Kind of, I read a little about it just now I guess the avocados flower exhibit both male and female characteristics but they don’t operate at the same time which is why you need 4 – 5 trees. It’s a learning g curve for me to I’m just getting into this gardening and loving it. Checking out your link now!

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      2. I’ll check it out! Last season I started so many seeds I could barely walk on my balcony and the watering oh gosh! I could barely keep up! I’m already planning seeds to start in January for my container garden. I’ve learned my lesson and ill plant in moderation this time.

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  1. Haha yes thats a good idea! In greece we say ” do everything in moderation”.
    For now i will focus on my avocado trees and mango and i am planning in the future to plant a banana tree, a friend of mine from thailand said it is supposed to bring good luck when it grows indoors 🙂

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