What if…?

I have to forget about this.
I mean you.
I don’t truly miss you, I miss the person I was when we were together.
I miss the memories.
I miss the nights we slept together.
The special moments, when our bodies became one.
Now it’s not the same.

”People change once they get hurt” they say.
I feel alone, I have nothing to look forward to everyday.
I feel like I never meant anything to you and spending my time waiting for you to call me is proving it.

You left and everything else followed your footsteps.
I don’t like smoking anymore, my ”friends” say I became b o r i n g.
And I cant stop feeling sorry for myself being unable to keep you…
I cant be as happy and excited as I used to be when I know a part of me was taken away because of them.

It’s their fault, they made me trust you.
”Don’t be afraid, enjoy being in love with someone- LIVE IT” they told me.
Is it okay to be in pain because of someone you don’t deserve?
Because that’s what people like you say ”It’s not you, you just deserve someone better than me”.
But what if…?

Que sera sera, what will be will be…


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