Respect yourself.

In this moment,
right when the chaos inside me began.
In this car,
In this shop,
With these people.

Then I first realised,
everything happens for a reason,
you only have to know how to listen to that inner voice before you act on a situation.

Do you feel uncomfortable?
Are you afraid?
Maybe everything is fine or maybe everything is wrong,
all you have to do is discuss it.

Discuss it with this person,
that person that knows you better than anybody else,
that would never harm you, only when it feels right.
The only person that will always be there for you, you want it or not.

In the happy times, in the sad times.
When you are flying but also when you’re falling.

Well you have to love this person.
Respect his fear or pain.
You should always stay by his side until he feels better.

Set your borders!
This is the only way you’ll manage to do that and the only way anybody is ever going to respect you.
No jokes? No jokes!
No fast driving? No fast driving!
No more one night stands? No more!
Don’t change your emotions and don’t ignore that feeling in your gut.
Don’t be the victim for someone else’s pleasure.



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