Anxiety Issues.

It’s like, outside is raining and I have no umbrella
”Shit, I forgot mine” then you would say to me,
”It’s okay, we can both use this one”.
I would come under your umbrella, but then I would be afraid of taking too much space and that you would prefer to be alone under your umbrella – I mean of course you would.
So I would leave and you would say,
”Are you stupid? You will get wet!” obviously I am not going to tell you how I really felt because come on, then you would call me stupid again, so I say, ”Pff, It’s so much better right now, umbrellas always give me the feeling of being trapped, finally I can breath again. I am freeeeee!!!”
That’s the art of making people laugh with your pain, but if I ever tried to explain the way I really feel you would simply say ”You know, I wanted you under my umbrella”,
Well yes I know. BUT I CAN’T CHANGE THIS.


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