Couples Therapy

You’re probably thinking, ”hey didn’t you say you’re single? blah blah blah” the thing is I AM single.
I couldn’t be more single than right now… I don’t think there’s such a season that gives you this EXTREME feeling of loneliness as winter does…
To answer to your question the ”person” that I am in a ”relationship” with is my best friend Celine. Many people tell us we act as if we are a couple, with our jealousy issues, our pointless arguments, our love confessions, our expectations….
We are actually married since March, well unofficially.
So I decided to make an appointment for us with, the well known social worker in my school, to discuss about our problems.
The last month has been quite hard for us, we keep stressing each other without a reason.
After talking about it without raising our voices for the first time in a while we realised it’s because of us changing. I am more of a hippie gal and she more of a ”Styled” person without enough money to actually afford all of it.
Celine : I think i will buy this face mask
Nina: Well you wouldn’t have to us honey and olive oil could work just as fine.
Celine: Well I trust made stuff more and I know better
Nina: Well that’s bullshit and I know more.

Thats one of our classic conversations and it’s clear we have some different opinions issues that aren’t going to be solved. So we have to start accepting them instead.

I have to say the talk with this woman was helpful she asked as questions such as ”what are the things you two have in common?”, ”What would you like the other person to change” to help you let the other person know about the way you feel.
Answering the exact same questions without the woman wouldn’t have been as quiet though…
”OKAY GIRLS, NOW CHILL” – that’s the main thing she said.

Another way to make us understand that we should start accepting one another’s fears, opinions and boundaries, was:
We are two different people, that come from two different places, that are raised from two different families and that have been through completely different situations in their life. In some words each of them holds a backpack full with experiences. The more the experiences the more the opinions. The other person could either hear them and accept them or take them as advice,  it’s his right and only his.

Our ”homework” after the session was to try to control our temper and let some space for the other one to make decisions.

The question is, should we blame our stubborn behavior on our zodiacs or do we only act like this because we love each other and don’t even want to think of the possibility of falling apart?


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