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For the first time in my life I looked at the moon and wondered where is the face I used to see when I was a kid? Was I just another big liar that ended up believing in her own lies?
I looked a little closer before it all turned blurry and saw something different, no eyes, no mouth.
The ”face” of the moon, was earth.
Maybe earth was reflected on it’s silky surface, or maybe earth used to be so pretty that the universe had a back up plan in case of disaster.
In that case, universe knew something better.
It always does, changing the subject into the ”law of attraction” universe always knows THE BEST.
You love your boyfriend regardless of his love for alcohol, at some point you realise he cheated on you- you are definitely hurt. But that’s your pass for a better luck or the pass you lost, spending your life with the wrong person.
And then again, what’s this whole story with the walking moon? What were we thinking?
I remember sitting in the car discussing for hours with my mother about this bright bastard that used to follow me. And if it really has a ”face” can it also see us?
Oh imagine how embarassing this would be, mistakes on this side of the city, lies in the other side, complications, changes, dreams, disbelief…
There are so many reasons for the moon to laugh about us, ”mankind”.
But in the other hand are these all reasons to laugh, or to cry.
Are we being comedians on our own stage called ”life” or are we the miserable clowns that can’t even afford a  good make up artist?
Think about it.


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