Love, Love, Love…
Probably you are already expecting a cheesy monologue about love… I am not going to deny but to be honest I cant agree either.
We all believe we know what love is.
We sing about it, we draw it, we read stories…
Could you describe something like this?
How do we know if love is there?
And how do we live without it?

Love is a whisper, a sweet talk in your head letting you know you are going crazy.
Love is like everybody says like a beautiful butterfly in your stomach and I don’t think there are better words to explain this.
Love demands to be felt.
Love out of nowhere comes and fucks you up.

You are happy, like so happy and one single thing can take it away, just like this.
You only keep reminding yourself of this person all the time, no matter the reason ”oh dear, he is so cute sometimes, do you remember when he told me he loves me? In this moment I wanted to start jumping all over, or kiss him, kiss him and let him know I feel the same way, I mean I said it to him after a couple of days, but did he believe me? Should I message him?
I am really afraid I am going to lose him, that he will get bored and will just walk away from me…
But in the other hand I trust him, I don’t think he would ever lie to me about his feelings, maybe he is just afraid to give too much, too fast.
But here is the actual question should I take it slow or not?
When should we start saying ” baby” or what could I possibly do to make him happy?
I could stare at him for hours, I could kiss him for the rest of my life.

Everything, e v e r y single thing about him, is what I want, what I like, what…. I miss.
And every time we are together, my thoughts get blurry, my heart beats faster, my senses lose control and then BOOM a sentence hits me over and over again.


~secret love letter to my loVe~


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