High Standards?

”Hey Nina, How’s it going?”
”Got some time?”
And that’s how my neighbour gave me another life-lesson.
”In life you have to start having standards, this way no one ever is going to hurt you or fool you. For example I married the woman, that had everything I was asking for:
She’s a good mother, she’s clean, she knows how to cook, she is good looking, and respectful. You should better do the same from now on”
As always I returned home, sinking in my own thoughts…
I had to make a list of the people’s qualities I don’t want to fall for again.

  1. I don’t want  that he/she has any addictions that could possibly be more important than our relationship. (for example: Alcoholism, Drug abuse etc.)
  2. Liars.
  3. FUCKBOYS!! No No No and again NO! I’ve had enough of them.
  4. Controlling or violent behavior.
  5. Jealous (without a reason – cause a bit of jealousy is healthy anyways.)
  6. Wanna – be – cool: The type of people that will try to show in front of their friends mistreating you, ”Come here bitch.”
    Well who did you just call bitch, bitch?
  7. Lazy and unmotivated – To make it clear here, I would like to go for a walk with you at some point if you don’t mind.
  8. Stingy. Not going to the movies, to the cafes or anywhere else because he doesn’t want to spend his/her money.
  9. Dirty people with dirty rooms (exaggerated dirty talk included into the dirtiness).
  10. And lastly, they type of people that neglect themselves in the name of ”I have a girlfriend now, I don’t have to worry” and they literally start eating unhealthy, forget to take showers, wear the same clothes etc.

Do you have standards? If yes, I would love to read them 🙂
Please leave a comment down below.


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