Paying for education?

”Free education for everybody” – they said.

I suppose it depends on people’s perspective for ”free”.
I am going to school since I am 5 years old (kindergarten not included),
I am 17 and I know pretty much nothing.
From the one side it’s my fault of course that I didn’t try a little bit harder in elementary school, but the job of the teacher is to teach you, to motivate you and help you.
I wouldn’t like to go into further detail about this one teacher, as the point isn’t to humiliate her but to stand up for MY RIGHTS.
When the best student in the class, that you could easily call ”nerd” because of his marks, hopes for a 4 in his math test (in Germany 1-BEST and 6-WORST) and when all the other students complain about the poor teaching skills of this teacher, it means that something isn’t right.
She gives you exercises without explaining how you should solve them, she says she will call your parents if you don’t have your homework, and when you don’t have your homework and you ask her to help you because you didn’t understand them she literally ignores you or helps you for 2 minutes and that’s all…
But the worst of all is that when you ask her to repeat a subject which none of you understood she says ”I am not going to repeat it, if you don’t understand math you should have private lessons.”

I really don’t know since when we have to pay for our education when we already attend school.
I mean that’s the reason we go to school everyday until we are 18 isn’t it?
And as far as I’ve heard, teachers get paid to TEACH us, not to show off their outfits or great summer sandals.
My whole life, when I didn’t understand something I would go to my teachers and ask for a bit of help. And they would help me!
I don’t know why it’s so hard this time to get my point clear about this.

Tomorrow I am going to try one more time to get what I deserve, a good lesson.
If she denies again, I’m going to walk my way to the end of her teaching career. I will go talk to the director of the school once again, I will write him letters, I will do anything possible for a better education. But I don’t want to make the mistake to pay for my education.
If I wanted to pay I would go to a private school from the start.

In the other side when I explain the whole situation to my mother she says ”why don’t you ask one of your friends to help you?”
Well, she knows I’ve already done that many times in the past, but to be honest THEY ARE THE STUDENTS, their job is to LEARN, not to teach.
Just because some teachers don’t do their job right doesn’t mean others will do it for them, letting them getting paid.

Lastly, I think students should be voting for their teachers.
Students are the ones that get ”lessons”, the ones that receive sexual ”jokes” or insults from them and their opinion or complaints SHOULD MATTER.
Just because we are younger doesn’t mean we don’t get it.
We are the ones that know best.


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