Humans have body hair

Let’s talk about hair baby, shall we?
We live in a world, where hair is something to be ashamed of.
We were born hairy and we will die hairy, now  preferring to shave them in the meantime doesn’t change anything else other than supporting the marketing idea of the past.

This  1922 ad from Harper’s Bazaar targets the armpits.
In the ’50s  Bare legs became the norm.


For years and years men kept their manhood and  no one had any problem with this:33cff21f4cf56991cdffada427349d3a

but this also changed in the last decade. I remember myself discussing with one of my childhood best friends about men shaving their legs asking you politely ”babe can you please bring me the smoothing oil?”.
I found it disturbing back then and I still think that we should all remember we are humans.

And humans have body hair!

Like I said before, men were able to embrace their body and facial hair, but women were simply unhygienic and often apologized for not being bald down there.
From personal experience I can admit that I’ve said way too many times ”don’t touch me, I didn’t shave” or ”I want to warn you, I had no time to shave” and all I got as an answer was ”OH!”.


After that I realised that  beauty industries really worked their way up to women buying constantly razors, waxing stripes and epilators, and men were slowly following the process.

Personally I don’t mind it if men are hairless or hairy cause after all it’s their decision. I just wanted to point out that HAIR IS SOMETHING NORMAL and we shouldn’t be ashamed.

(It’s kind of sad though, that this guy has a smoother skin than I do…)




Now lets go back to women.
c15f897217a08630d556dc355b3a3780Girls, I am pretty sure we’ve all felt the pain and the itch caused because of shaving, the little bumps and the ingrown hair. But we keep doing it in order to be socially accepted.
Why would we have to change our nature to be socially accepted?
These women some decades ago didn’t shave and nobody complained about it.


Check out some women that proudly embrace their armpit hair here.

And then again, I am a girl and I know how much I hate shaving, that’s the reason I support women going au naturel.
I remember 2 years ago I was walking in Aristotelous square, Thessaloniki, Greece, and I saw a couple that made enormous soap bubbles for money.
My friend turned and said ”Ew, look at her legs, can’t see afford a new razor?” I was a bit shocked cause I didn’t even look if she shaved or not and after I did, I found adorable the way the blond hair shined because of the sun.
Recently, I spent the night with another couple after having some drinks and the girl felt really ashamed that her boyfriend had to see her hairy legs while she changed into her pajamas, she made me touch it to see how long they were and again I found it fluffy and cute, so did her boyfriend.


I am a woman and I think it should be acceptable to not shave as it is acceptable for men.
But then again shaving doesn’t make you less of a feminist or not shaving doesn’t make you less feminine.


4 thoughts on “Humans have body hair

  1. Lovvvvve this! It’s total bullshit that girls are made to feel like they have to shave, you should be shaving because you want to! I keep up with shaving here and there but let me tell you I’ve had some long leg hair in the middle of the summer before because I just really don’t care too much what people think of my leg hair, and no one else should either.


    1. Thats the spirit girl! I’ve spent my life-well since i started having body hair- in shame because of them. I have tried everything wax, epilators, creams and razors.
      I came to a point that I really enjoy being single as I dont have to shave e v e r y single day to please his high standards.
      I am so into the “that’s me” phase that I even wear tanktops without shaving my armpits 5 minutes before I am late. It saves me so much time its unbelievable and as I also havent shaved my legs in the past few weeks, I dont have to worry about missing any hairs 😉 Although I’ll keep shaving whenever I have the time, need some refreshment or I am up for something special.

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      1. Me too, I’m lucky also to have a boyfriend who really doesn’t mind body hair – he’s even asked me not to shave my armpits because he thinks it’s “cute”, so I get what you’re saying about the cute thing in your post too!

        Liked by 1 person

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