Poor Vs Rich social experiment

As I was scrolling down on facebook this morning I found a quite interesting  video.
It’s a social experiment, based on a guy that flirts with the same girl twice, but is treated differently because of his looks.
At first he tries to approach her as a normal/poor guy that takes a walk downtown and she talks to him as if he is the biggest bum. The only thing he asked for was to sit next to her and talk a little bit, but even that was way too risky for the girl to handle.
After he gets rejected the whole ”social experiment” gets in action, he goes behind a building and changes into a hot, rich guy that just moved in town.
This time he’s not as ”sweet” as before, instead of trying to start a conversation with her, he asks her to follow him in his new house with the pool.
Apparently, riding a motorbike with a random guy she just met and going to his house, was not risky at all for her.

After she accepted his request, he could clearly see her excitement ”are you smiling?” he asked and she said ”Yes I am”.
This was enough for Sadam, so he decided to give an end to this misunderstanding.
”Do you remember the guy that talked to you 10-15 minutes ago?”
”Yes I do” He takes of his helmet and says ”well that was me”.
Without hesitating the girl starts walking away, ”What’s the problem, why don’t you want to join me now? What did you want? Money?”  she remains silent. ”Take it” he said and threw some coins on the ground as that’s exactly what she was going after.

I really don’t understand why people treat  each other differently based on their earnings or looks.
I mean of course we all do partly choose our partners because of their looks but in this situation the poor guy wanted nothing more than talking with her and she still rejected him.

But when he obviously asked her out she said yes, without even seeing his face.
Was it really the money that she wanted?
Is this the main thing girls look for in their partners?


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