Maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be.
Maybe love never comes, or maybe it’s been always there but it’s just impossible for these two people to be happy together.
Maybe all you need to feel it, is the energy between  you or the way your souls say hello to each other, even if your bodies don’t.
Maybe you know it’s there, from a single kiss. A kissed based on love means the world. You will just never stop thinking about it.
And every time even after months it still feels real.
It feels like it’s happening right now. In this very moment.
Maybe it’s supposed to be there.
Just there.
Like a secret of both well hidden in their hearts.
Maybe the timing was not good.
And maybe it’s just never going to be.
But both deep inside still wait.
You wait for your love. The love that you’ve felt between you.
The pain and the sadness.
The magic and the excitement.

I only wanted to remind you, that I meant what I said.
I loved you back then, I love you now, and I will always know how much I needed you.
But you wont!


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