Getting over someone

Do we really get over our exes at some point?
Is there a possible way to do it faster?
It’s been 2 and half months since we broke up, I’ve cried, I’ve laughed, I insulted him, I hated him, I gave him the ”go fuck yourself” look, and now what? Why am I still thinking about him?
Why do I always have to say ”oh, here is he again” every time I look at him and why the hell do I always look at him?
On Halloween for example I had a few drinks and chilled with a good friend of mine that I got to know through Him.
Normally I never reach the point to vomit because of alcohol. It doesn’t matter if I drink 2 bottles of wine or a whole bottle of vodka, but on this night….We had a conversation about our ex-relationships and in the thought of him, I ran to take everything out of my system.
My friend said that when he broke up with his ex, he couldn’t even handle a beer anymore.
Was it because I was disgust by him just like EMINEM says ”you don’t know how sick you make me, you make me fucking sick to my stomach every time I think of you I puke…” (best quality I could find) or AM I STILL NOT OVER HIM???
What lets us know we are over someone? And what actually makes us get over them?



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