DIY Lotus flower painting

  1. At first I got a white canvas and I softly made the shape of the flower with a pencil.
  2. After I made sure I wanted the leaves exactly like this, I continued making some more details.
  3. And i kept adding ”style” on my painting until I was happy with how it looked.
  4. Now the fun part PAINTING.
    I used acrylics, like one of the cheapest ones I found on the market, I am not the type of a person that will spend billions of euros for makeup or colours. I am happy enough with essence and *UNKNOWN BRAND* of paint.
    I got some heart shaped sponges that my grandmother gave to me (you can as well use dish washing sponges – it really makes no difference) and i dipped it into the paint.
    Once i started painting with my sponges I realised I’d made a big mistake… my pencil lines were so soft that i had to repeat the fist few steps after finishing with the colours.
  5. This time it wasn’t so hard, as  I knew exactly what I wanted and how. After re-drawing it with my pencil I got some black paint and made the out line black (like my soul.. lol).
  6. After that I got some white paint and I made everything lighter on the background so that there is some difference in the pigment of them two.
  7. You pretty much have to improvise every time something goes wrong, but don’t forget to believe in yourself and your creativity skills.
    That’s how it looks like now:
  8.  In the future I want to buy some liquid glitter (If they still have those- I mean the last time I used one of them was like 10 years ago)
    and place it over the black outline to make it a little bit more fabulous.

    HAVE FUN!! And don’t forget to send me pictures of your own creations 🙂


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