7 Days of Gratitude – Day #7

Good things that happened today:

  1. I only had 4 hours of school.
  2. Went to my appointment with the orthopedist – I am doing ”great” according to what he said, I have to start going to physiotherapy.
  3. Ate processed food at McDonnald’s once again! 😀
  4. I painted a new canvas for the wall over my bed.
  5. I re-organised every single drawer and shelf of my room.
  6. I finally sorted up my wardrobe and threw away/gave away everything that was destroyed or didn’t fit me anymore .
  7. I gathered all of my notes for future posts ideas in a folder.
  8. Had a great coffee.
  9. I managed to only smoke 2 cigarettes today. (well with this one after i publish this – 3)
  10. I completed the ”7 days of gratitude challenge” !!!!

    Any thoughts? Stay tuned in tomorrow’s post I’m going to share with you my thoughts and feelings this whole week!


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