7 Days of Gratitude challenge: COMPLETED!

I have to admit that when the social worker requested this  challenge, to help me  see the good things in life,  I thought to myself  ”that’s bullshit, how is writing a few things down going to make my feel better?”.
Well I was proven wrong.
After completing the challenge I realised how positive I became…
I woke up in the morning thinking ”what should I wear today?” instead of the classic old one ”I HATE MY LIFE, why does school start at 7.30Am??”.
My thinking became in general very positive for example today I said to my best friend ”Don’t worry, everything bad happens for a reason. Maybe not getting what you want means you don’t really need it or you’ll find something better.” That’s not the way I think usually.
If you asked me, I would recommend to all of you to try it out. It takes less than 5 minutes of your daily life, you can do it right after you sleep, just like brushing your teeth.

P.S. I may not be posting the things I am grateful about today, but I am definitely going to keep seeing the bright side of the moon.
You can either write it, think about it, or tell it. Everything works perfectly fine.
KEEP IT POSITIVE! Thanks for the support!


9 thoughts on “7 Days of Gratitude challenge: COMPLETED!

      1. You cant imagine how happy this made me right now!
        I had a conversation with a friend of mine about blogging and I thought ”hey, so many girls have like 1K followers and all they do is post pictures of their makeup, my content is about life why wouldn’t they like it?”
        And the answer was ”because people nowadays don’t think as much”
        Well I am pretty sure there are still some of us out there!

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      2. We are in the same boat;)
        Even in my country most of the girls have 1k (at least!!!) followers on Instagram. They just post some pictures of themselves. A few weeks ago my friend showed me a pic of a girl’s feet nails, it had about 1,200 likes:\
        But a nice quote abt life hardly reach over than 100 likes.

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      3. exactly! Well when you are a girl you usually have the ”boob bonus” that helps you get lots of likes and followers, but thats the ”problem” in our society and I prefer having a few people reading my posts, as long as they like my content because of my mind and ideology, not because of my looks.

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