Getting organised

I only became organised as i grew up, until the age of 13 I would live in a room with no free space to sit and my mother would always get the shit out of me.
It seems like me getting super organised was all she ever wanted to achieve, well her tricks did really work.
As some of you may know, I’ve been going through a hard time the past 2-3 months and instead of tidying up my room everyday as I used to I ended up throwing all of my clothes on the floor of my walk-in wardrobe.
At first it looked a bit messy but I kept delaying the cleaning-day.
Today I walked in my room and I thought to myself, ”hey Nina, you’ve got to do something, your room is chaotic, get the hell up and start cleaning” and that’s exactly what I did.
I’ve been cleaning since 15.00 pm until 21.30 pm and in the meantime i decided to refresh my rooms vibes with a new wall art.
Here are a few pictures of how it looks like now:

P.S. Remember keeping it clean and organised helps you get more inspiration and relax!!!


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