Mango tree 🌱

After spending most of my time at home, I needed to rearrange some things, so I decided bring a bit of life and colour with the need of some plants.
I have 4 cacti, 2 Aloe Veras, 6 Avocados (growing) and a Mango.
From the 6 of the avocados only the 4 of them got some rooting system going on and probably soon they will pop out of the seed (avocado seed= the pit)
If you’re interested on growing your indoor/outdoor avocado tree, here is a great post with a picture that shows you exactly how to do it.

Here are some pictures of my mango (around 3 weeks old)


It’s totally worth it giving it a try, you have something to stare at everyday as for the first few days it’s going to be changing rapidly !!!


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