Love sex, hate sexism!

”Miss ***, teaches a bit differently, she’s a woman so men don’t usually understand the logic sometimes” is what the director said after we complaint about a teacher in our school.
She is definitely a woman, but so am I and the 60% of my class and I can assure you that 28 out of 28 people aren’t able to solve math exercises because of her poor teaching skills.
I raised my hand and said ”excuse me did you basically just say that the female members of this class are just too stupid to understand the ”women logic” of our teacher?”
The man completely avoided my question, and kept trying to convince them that they should blame it on the different way Ā both sexes think.

The male students started feeling better about themselves saying over and over again ”Our teacher is a woman, that explains it all now.”
If you asked me, I would say that many women that choose to become teachers are great at their jobs and sometimes even better than dominant sex, due to their compassion and warmth. The rest of them are just people that chose to do the wrong job, looking forward to Ā the amount of money they will earn in the future. (according to what my German teacher told me teachers in Germany make good money)
In addition to this, I don’t think there is anything more wrong than an adult promoting stereotypes such as Patriarchy, Homophobia, Sexism, Racism, Anti-feminismĀ andĀ hateĀ to younger people.
The job of a teacher should be raising children with open minds, in order to avoid further social dysfunction.
Mr. ******, next time you should consider making points about acceptance, responsibility, manners and respect!


2 thoughts on “Love sex, hate sexism!

    1. We have a teacher with poor teaching skills in our school so we complaint to the director* you’re right bad wolf i made a mistake up there its not supposed to say “my director”


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