It was unbelievable! I saw her again.
I saw that one girl that stole my heart, on a  summer night, last year.
I had been waiting for her to call me, but she never did.
I kind of hoped that she lost this little paper with my number on, I mean this would be a great explanation why she never showed up again.
Without thinking any longer i stood up determined to go and talk to her.
”Hey Miranda, I’m Angie can you remember me? We met last year on a birthday party by the beach”
She looked at me and I could clearly see her surprise in the way she slightly opened her mouth.
Was it because she felt bad about not calling me or was it just an unpleasant karmic meeting?
”Oh hey Angie, great to see you again!” I supposed it was none of the above. ”Do you have some time to grab a coffee?”
In the next moment, we were sitting on a bench in one of the famous parks of the city with a coffee to-go in our hands. It felt like not even a day had passed since the last time we talked.
”So tell me more about your life, did you do anything special that I should know about?” This is one of her bigger skills, she makes you want to say everything, the good things, the bad things, but the only thing i really wanted to let her know about was that I never stopped thinking about our kiss.
”Well, I now live in my own apartment, it’s not something special but it’s good enough for a single woman…” She put her finger in front of my mouth, to stop me.
”Which means, tonight we are making a house-party, just me and you” and that was the plan.
Later that night, I had everything set for a perfect ”date-house-party for two” but once she rang the bell, my anxiety levels got over my head. I took some deep breaths in and out and I invited her in.
”Are you serious?” she said.
”About what?”
”It looks fucking great! Thank you for letting me in.”dd2c004bfcf2e4587c33029902e5b147
We spent the first 4 hours talking about everything that happened since we last talked, the next 3 trying to understand the meaning of life and the last 2 in bed, really enjoying one another’s company.

I could tell, I completely forgot to think if I was making the right decision which is quite uncommon for me.
What if she disappears  once again?
What if this was the last time I’d ever get to kiss her?
And what if she becomes one of the most important people in my life?



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