JJBF5239 (2) After years and years of pain in my back and neck, my doctor decided I should go for acupuncture to a professional.
My main problem is that I never really learned how to relax.
My muscles are always tense and I keep putting pressure on my soldiers.
I kept saying to my family that this whole ”stress” that my body was experiencing is the reason why I have so frequent headaches.
The Professional agreed with me and she also recommended I should make an appointment to an orthopedic for further information and help.

Now I would like to talk a little bit more about my experience:
I would say I felt n o t h i n g! Probably you hear ”they put needles on your skin” and you freak out as you automatically connect it with pain.
The needles are so tiny (an average acupuncture needle is slightly thicker than a human hair). The only kind of pain you may experience is as if someone was picking you with a pointed pencil tip.

I have heard there are many different techniques of acupuncture such as:
1.Conventional acupuncture
2. Electroacupuncture
3. Moxabustion and cupping
4. Laser acupuncture
5. Acupressure

But in my case i had the needles inserted in for 30 minutes and a lamp that warmed my back.
According to what the doctor said, after making the next appointment in 7 days from now, is that there are chances that my pain is going to get worse during this week and that i should probably see her sooner.


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