7 Days of Gratitude – Day #5

10 Things I’m grateful about today are:

  1. I managed to be on point at school (usually I am late, ESPECIALLY on Mondays!!)
  2.  I got over my fear of pain and I had my first acupuncture experience (which is literally as painful as a really sharped pencil pressing slightly for a second against your skin)
  3.  Ate a great big panini (sandwich) afterwards!!
  4.  Managed to get an appointment this week to an orthopedics clinic. (my doctor suggested that)
  5. I went to school this evening to have a test, in a class  full of people that I don’t have any kind of connection with. (Fear of being alone in public)
  6. Met my best friend in town again, to get some fresh air.
  7. Made some cool videos with the new  Snapchat features (Snapchat name: free.spirit312)
  8. Started writing a book. 🙂
  9. I can clearly see I am one step closer to my dreams!!
  10. According to WordPress statistics, today was the best day for my blog.THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR SUPPORTING ME.
    It means a lot!

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