Teach for Peace

Rise up in the morning, first thing I see
People killing people on my TV screen
It’s hard to believe how we live these days
Chasing one another like rats in the race.

I don’t know who will die first mankind or the world?

We kill ourselves with making bad decisions such as smoking cigarettes, driving fast cars, consummation of substances of any kind, eating processed food and many more the whole time!
We destroy the world with our inventions and now the new trend is to kill ourselves and others with bombs in the name of god.
Yes its getting worse and worse with time i don’t get why.
They were right when they said that human kind will never change… I mean we create so many devices and we still cant  find worldwide peace.
World war I, Balkan wars… They are all results of pure education, why is it so hard to lose our differences without violence?
What changes if your country is the winner once the whole point is lost?
I would describe war like this:
Country number 1 VS country number 2 have a conflict about money, instead of trying to find a way to communicate like normal civilized people, they take out their guns and they try to prove to each other which country has the best army.
Does this mean that we aren’t civilized at all?
Or does it mean that we always vote for the most uncivilized people to run the world?
People we are in the 21st century isn’t it about time to stop acting like our progenitors?


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