7 Days of Gratitude – Day #4

What I am grateful about today is:
1. Had a great cup of coffee today morning 🙂
2. Woke up full of inspiration
3. Got my freshly washed clothes back (its always a great feeling to know you’re clean)
4. (Omg!) I just remembered we have ice-cream in the refrigerator so i am going to have some in the last 10 minutes before this day comes to an end
5.Got some great pictures
6. Tested the video and microphone quality of my new phone and i have to say its ideal for newbie film makers
7. I came in touch with one of my ex boyfriends with who i actually still talk sometimes (and I have to admit he must have been the only one that actually cared about me – well it seems like younger Nina had a better taste)
8. I actually decided to go out today and meet my best friend downtown, I haven’t been doing this since my social life changed
9. Got some crazy action going on on Twitter today.
10. I finished the 3rd season of sex and the city!!!


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