7 Days of Gratitude – Day #2

What I’m being grateful about today is:8ddf39c1da68d7f2d69e8309e8ce692e
1. In my opinion the ”New Generation” post i wrote was quite interesting 😛
2. I managed to meditate after a long time of finding excuses not to
3. I got my blood test’s results back and I am totally healthy
4. My new phone is being delivered tomorrow!!!
5. I argued with my mother- but as it seems we are both mature enough to get over it 🙂
6. We planned to go out to dinner – and well shopping with my mother tomorrow.
7. I proved to myself that I am turning into a responsible, sensitive, compromising woman as i grow up.
9. My love for my mother starts taking another form such as: mother-daughter friendship and i have to admit i start enjoying it!
10. My avocados grew even more today!! wooohooo 😀

Check out my Day #1 here!


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