New Generation

I saw something today that literally shocked me.
”Some kids really do still play with toys!!”.
I am not sure if it’s only in my town that kids became rebels or spend their whole childhood in front of a computer screen, but this is probably something that should soon come to an end.
I remember that when i was younger I didn’t care about TV shows, I would never ask my mother to give me her smartphone so that I can spend the rest of my free time playing angry birds or anything like that.childhood
I used to be full of excitement, life and joy.
Right after school I would go to my neighbour’s house with my bicycle and ask her to go for a ride, we would play the ”family”, we would play UNO (something that i still do with my friends), but they, the kids – or should i better say the ”victims” of the new generation don’t have all that.
They are born in a period that everybody is constantly ”online”.
People now start having Facebook, or even worse – Instagram from the age of 10.
Every time I travel with the train I see young people having better cellphones than I do and to be honest there is no reason to.  ”My son has a cellphone, so that I can call him and check if he is doing alright!”, well that’s a good enough argument but it doesn’t mean that your 8 years old son, should have an iPhone 6!
I got my first cellphone at the age of 12, my parents were divorced and my dad wanted to call me sometimes, i have nothing against that, but it was a NOKIA, yes the old ones that will probably still work as good in the next century.
I am not trying to offend the parenting skills that some of you may have, but doesn’t it make you sad that your kids don’t have a ‘normal’ childhood as you used to?
Another point that i want to make here is that every time you turn on that damn Television your kids get ‘brainwashed’!!
Understand it, everything that comes out of this box – oh well now it looks more like a piece of paper- is basically affecting their ideologies, habits and thoughts!
Now reconsider, all TV is about is sex, money, power, more sex and crazy motherfuckers with great plans of how to murder their rich husbands.
All that this kind of education does to our offspring is way too early sexual life, early contact with substances as alcohol and cigarettes and then again it creates weird images in their head, arguments, lies, murders etc.
Even cartoons are in my opinion something ”bad” for our small friends.
”Mum I am afraid of the dark” – why sweetheart there is nothing to be afraid of, its literally all stuck in your subconscious since you watched this BEN TEN episode.
If I ever going to have children I will try my best to avoid this mess. Personally I believe it’s better to be considered ”uncool” in elementary school because you don’t have 3 cellphones, 2 tablets, and 5 computers, instead of regretting ”wasting” your childhood in your future.
What do you think?


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